Roadhouses are a Sydney based three-piece that plays sedated rock n roll.

Drawing influences from artists such as Bill Callahan, Yo La Tengo and Karen Carpenter, their sound is tremolo soaked, evoking an empty hotel bar in a Lynch film. They have been described as ‘brooding velvet country’ and ‘heartbreak hotel on codeine’.

Songwriter Yvonne Moxham teamed up with drummer Cec Condon in 2014 and slowly started building a cult fan base. After only a handful of shows they traveled to New York to record with Nicolas Vernhes Rare Book Room

Their forthcoming album features songs of intimacy that document half a decade of lessons learned and discarded, parties and aloneness, boredom, desire and dark romance.  It will be released later this year.


The band is: Yvonne Moxham on vocals and guitar, Cec Condon on drums and percussion, James Bellesini on bass.